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Branding and Positioning

A branding and positioning analysis for your business is all about figuring out how you would like your customers to view you, and how you do not want to be perceived. 

Getting your branding right can make or break a business. It defines the company, creates an identity which potential customers can relate to, follow, like and ultimately come back to for its service or products. 

Branding is also very important internally. It gives a business and it’s employees an identity, a tribe to be proud of and something they will strive to work for.

A Positioning analysis is a process of analyzing how a business’s current brand identity is perceived by consumers and the general marketplace. 

Small businesses in particular need to understand the marketplace which they are in and identify opportunities for success. Developing a solid brand for your business and developing a brand strategy can help you to carve out your niche and focus your marketing efforts.

Is your brand edgy, friendly or conservative? 

What colour schemes do you want your logo and website to focus on, and what do they say about your business?

Maybe you have always seen your business in a certain colour palette, and with a certain image, but what does your competition look like?

​We will analyse your competitors and find out areas in which you can improve your business and stand out in your industry in more ways than the colours you choose. 

Do you need to rebrand? Sometimes a fresh look is as good as a spring clean for a business with their brand and logo developed some time ago. We can help develop a sharp new look for your business including logo design.

Get in touch to find out how our logo respray, dent and scratch repair can go a long way to bringing in new business for you, whilst strengthening your business foundations.

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