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How to Build a Solid Online Brand for Your Carpentry or Construction Business

Are you looking to take your carpentry or construction business to the next level? Building your brand online is a fantastic way to attract new customers. Not only that but with a solid plan and roadmap for growth, you can futureproof your construction business by building your brand online.

Our guide to build a solid online brand for your carpentry or construction business will help you grow and secure new customers.

Get ready to set your business up for success with our insights and strategies.

Before reading the article below, I recommend downloading our free business plan by clicking the link below. The Solid Foundations Business Plan will help you to prepare for the growth of your business, and get started on a roadmap.

Jump ahead using the quick links below:

Focus on digital marketing

The power of online marketing for businesses cannot be ignored. With its wide reach, easy audience targeting, and cost-effectiveness, it's a must for any growing business. If you want to improve your digital marketing, consider the following tips:

Update/get a website

Having a website for a carpentry or construction business can be extremely beneficial. Here are some reasons why:

Online Presence:

A website is a way for potential customers to find and learn about your business online. It’s like your shop window! It is the foundation that you build your online business presence on. Without a website, you will miss out on potential customers who are searching for a carpenter or construction businesses online.


A professional-looking website can lend credibility to your business. It can show that you are a serious operator, that you are registered and qualified with the relevant qualifications, and are willing to invest in your online presence as well as your business as a whole.


A website can be a great way to showcase your work and your skills. You can display photos of your completed jobs and projects you are proud of. You can also list your services, and provide customer testimonials.

Contact Information:

Your website can make it easy for potential customers to contact you. You can include your phone number, email address, and a contact form on your website. The contact form will then enable you to filter out the time wasters so that you can focus on more serious potential customers.


A website can be a powerful marketing tool. You can optimise your website for search engines so that potential customers can find you more easily. You can also use social media and other online marketing channels to drive traffic to your website.

Solid Consulting can help get your construction business online with a trade specific website. We have helped tilers, carpenters, electricians and other tradespeople by building websites which attract new business online. Find out more about how we can help your trade business here.

Social media strategy

Having a website is great, but social media is a whole different ball game. It's more personal, emotional, and persuasive. But with so many new platforms popping up all the time, it can be overwhelming to figure out where to begin or how to keep up with the latest trends. Don't worry though, we're here to help!

Here are our top social media platform suggestions for Irish trade businesses:


Instagram is a fantastic place to start for any trade business in Ireland. Not only can you post images and videos of your current projects to showcase your work, but you can also advertise your business and build your brand following using their advertising tools.


It might take some time to get used to recording and editing your videos, but once you get used to promoting yourself in a video, YouTube is the perfect setting for advertising your business. Much like Instagram, it is a perfect place to show off your work online. You can also build your online brand presence and show why potential clients should choose you above the rest of the competition. Become an authority in your trade and show off your skills.


LinkedIn is a professional social media platform that can be useful for online networking, finding business partners, hiring employees, and gaining knowledge about running a business.

Invest in SEO

In a nutshell, SEO work attracts organic traffic to your website without paying for ads. It’s how people will find your construction website if they don’t know your URL. For more info on SEO and why your carpentry business needs it, follow this link to a short read on the subject. Solid Consulting specialise in helping construction businesses with their SEO campaigns. This page on our website has all the details.

Advertise your business

Clients often ask us whether SEO or PPC is better for their construction business. While there's no definitive answer, we usually recommend an integrated marketing approach that leverages both methods.

There are two key differences between SEO and pay-per-click advertising. Firstly, paid ads appear above organic SEO listings at the top of search engine results. Secondly, organic traffic from SEO is free, while PPC traffic is paid.

It's worth considering SEO as a long-term marketing strategy and PPC as a more short-term approach. PPC generates immediate leads, whereas SEO generates a steady stream of leads over a longer period.

In reality, SEO forms the foundation of all digital marketing efforts and should be in place before investing in PPC marketing. Most construction companies use PPC campaigns to support their SEO efforts, advertise specific services at certain times of the year, or build brand awareness while waiting for their SEO results.

Branding. It’s about looking the part.

In a highly competitive industry, a strong marketing and branding strategy is essential for the growth of your construction business. Whether you're located in rural Ireland or one of the big cities like Dublin or Cork, proactive branding is key to industry growth for your business.

Below are five ways in which having a strong brand identity can boost sales for your construction business:

A strong brand identity will:

  1. Tell your business story.

  2. Increases client awareness.

  3. Build trust and credibility.

  4. Set you apart from competition.

  5. Inspire employees.

Having a website, Instagram and YouTube account is all well and good, but you need to tie them all together by having a strong brand. Your brand is the mortar that holds them all together and makes them relevant. Ideally you want potential customers watching your YouTube videos of previous jobs, following you on Instagram and visiting your website.

For more detail on how to brand your construction business, this blog post here digs deeper on the subject.

Set up Google Business Profile.

Google Business Profile, formally known as Google My Business, is a free service offered by Google. It acts as a business listing, and can be seen as another website for your business. Setting up your listing, and keeping it up to date, will show Google that your business is active and relevant to your industry. It also ties in with the SEO work you will have someone doing for your business, and contributes to your business getting a higher listing on Google.

For more information on setting it up, read our blog post on the subject here.

Tying in with Google Business Profile are reviews. You can send your customers a link to your GBP page where they can leave a review for the work you carried out. Reviews are fantastic when it comes to encouraging potential customers. People love to see that the business they are looking to contact has provided a top notch service for others before.

Get into the habit of asking for reviews when you finish a job, and send them a link to review you on your GBP as mentioned.

Ask For Help

Digital marketing offers construction companies the opportunity to create and strengthen their brand, and to reach out to more customers. Unlike the traditional approach of using billboards, online ads allow builders to have interactive conversations with their audience. It's a more dynamic way of connecting! Combined with an overall digital marketing plan focusing on SEO, you will be setting your business up for success.

If you're looking for assistance with your digital marketing efforts, Solid Consulting is here to help. Contact us and share some details about your business - we'd be delighted to offer our expertise and support!

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