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SEO For Dundalk Businesses

SEO (Search engine optimisation) is the the process of organically growing the traffic to your website by improving various aspects of it. 

And local SEO is focusing on improving your website with a view to attracting local customers.

SEO covers everything from the quality, quantity and relevance of written copy/content, to building links both internally and externally from other websites to yours.

Think of SEO as how your website gets found by potential customers on a search engine.

SEO is playing the long game and building your online business for the future.

Our SEO agency offers three main SEO packages. Each one designed to meet specific needs of local businesses in Dundalk.

Think of SEO as working out in the gym. You need to keep it up to see the results. And when you stop for a few months, or give up completely, your work amounts to nothing.

See below for more information on our SEO agency services.

SEO Agency Services

Solid SEO Assessment

Solid SEO Assessment is a project designed to identify where a website stands today in terms of search engine ranking, technical SEO, on site SEO and quality of content.

This is an ideal starting point for small businesses in Dundalk.

Based on the assessment we can start working on a roadmap for your business designed to meet your goals.​ 

Solid SEO Foundations

Solid SEO Foundations is a one-time project to build a website’s SEO foundation. Typically our SEO agency will do this once a year for clients who are in less competitive industries. It usually takes one/two months, and includes three phases:

  • Research & Planning — As with any project undertaken, this phase of our Solid SEO Foundations service is essential so that we can build a picture of what is needed for your website and put in place a plan to move forward. This phase includes tasks such as setting up Google Analytics, verifying a website with the Google Search Console, creating a Google Maps listing and setting up your Google Business Profile. We will also start on your keyword research, conduct competitive analysis, undertake an SEO website audit and have a look at content strategy relevant to your industry.

  • Execution — This phase includes tasks completed in your website such as updating page titles and meta descriptions, fixing broken links, improving alternative text, building an XML sitemap, and more on page SEO.

  • Results & Next Steps — Our SEO agency will present the work carried out on your website and highlight changes in traffic if any at this early stage. SEO means playing the long game, and is not a quick fix, so patience is needed to see the benefits.

Solid SEO Maintenance

Our Solid SEO Maintenance package is designed to keep your website building on the foundations laid in our Solid SEO Foundations package. 

You should think of SEO as similar to fitness. You can go to the gym and keep yourself fit and healthy in various ways; but as soon as you stop for any length of time you start to loose the results.

SEO needs to be maintained.

In our Solid SEO Maintenance package we will do the following on a monthly basis:

  • Title Optimization

  • Keyword Research

  • Page Optimization, Up To 15 Pages per month.

  • Meta Title, Description Optimization

  • Updated Robots.txt Submission

  • Updated Sitemap.xml Submission

  • Heading (H1,H2,H3) Tags Optimization

  • Image Alt Tags Submission

  • Quality Backlink building to your website. 

  • Analysis of Your Competitors

SEO Assessment
SEO Foundations
SEO Maintenance
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