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Solid Foundations Business Plan

Planning For Success

Are you a new business owner, or aspiring entraprenure in need of help?

Maybe you can't stand working in your normal 9-5 day job anymore and you want to try going it alone?

I have been in those positions, and I can tell you from experience that we all need help getting started. For you this might mean watching hours of instructional videos on YouTube. Or you need to start taking some of the fantastic free and paid business courses on the internet to up skill. 

Maybe getting a mentor, business coach, life coach or talking to a friend who has their own business will be among your first steps. 

I highly recommend taking at least some of these steps when starting out with your new business idea.

At Solid Consulting we have developed a free resource for you to use as an aid when mapping out your new business. The Solid Foundations Business Plan is designed to help steer you in the right direction and enable you to figure out your own path whilst also getting you in the right mind frame to start your business journey.

The Solid Foundations Business Plan is an 8-step template that will give you a highly focused overview of your business strategy. It is designed to help you plan the future direction of your business and shouldn’t take more than 30 mins to complete.​ Our Solid Foundations Business Plan, unlike a full business plan, is designed to be completed quickly, and will ultimately help you when you do get around to putting together a full business plan.

To download the business plan, please fill in your contact details in the form below. A link will then appear for you to click and download the plan.


To download the Solid Foundations Business Plan, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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